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ACLs as Standard Component in ext3?

To all:

I was wondering if there was any talk regarding the possible inclusion
into either kernel 2.4.x or 2.5.x of a general and standard ACL
interface for file system security.  I've used the ACL patch from
acl.bestbits.at on ext3 & love it dearly except for the quota issues.
Despite those issues I absolutely could not live without ACL's
on large file servers with a few hundred or thousand users.

I understand and respect the fact that the ext3 team doubtless has many
other concerns, and I am able to make due with kernel patches fine.
I am interested more in long range plans; perhaps through a 3 way
between the Posix ACL team, the XFS team, and the ext3 team.

Forgive me if this if off topic, or inappropriate in any way, but I
this might be the group to ask about the possibility of such plans.

Thanks for your time,
    Darrell McGuire

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