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RE: 2GB of Waste? How can it be?

Dr. Tweedie:

	Oh, yes this is totally true. I agree that ReiserFS was not in
the same usable state that it is now. I was just trying to draw a
parallel that regardless of its "not ready for prime-time" state, SuSE
whom (in my view) competes for the same customers that RedHat does, and
from their perspective has the same customers to loose as RedHat does,
would be concerned about having a low quality result from RieserFS's
implementation as well. Further, I am sure they were not looking forward
to supporting the bugs and problems it posed either, just that, they did
still ship it, and from my view that is a level of choice (even if it is
a bad choice) I would like to have.

	The only reason I am not using EXT3 (I think using the more
advanced journaling methods, it is a stronger product), is that I am
very concerned about maximizing the space I get out of my laptop hard
drive, that is my main concern, next to the filesystem being stable (I
consider EXT3 and ReiserFS to both be stable at this point).

	Perhaps it is time for me to evaluate again EXT3, and look at
how much the space difference is. It sure is convenient to use the
filesystem that the distribution wants you to pick as the default, and
EXT2/EXT3 is well thought of.

	It is also that I know ReiserFS is coming out with V4, which is
supposed to have encryption built it as well, and again, that will also
be important to me.

Very Respectfully, 

Stuart Blake Tener, IT3 (E-4), USNR-R, N3GWG 
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Sunday, January 13, 2002 4:38 AM

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On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 01:33:40PM -0800, IT3 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR-R

> 	When you say, "What on earth do you imagine we'd have to gain by
> promoting one open-source module over another for such petty
> I say yes, I agree. In addition, I understand that SuSE is interested
> the same enterprise customers that you are, with the same concerns for
> reliability, and somehow they had ReiserFS in their kernel, that is
> made me wonder. I am sure they have the same concerns about supporting
> ReiserFS if it buggy than RedHat does.

Come on, reiserfs didn't even have a working fsck when SuSE first
shipped it.


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