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RE: Regd. file system.

Have you updated all the softwares as specified by the file Changes in the Documentation
directory of your kernel source tree?
In particular for 2.4.17 at least:

o  Gnu C                  2.95.3                  # gcc --version
o  Gnu make               3.77                    # make --version
o  binutils                   # ld -v
o  util-linux             2.10o                   # fdformat --version
o  modutils               2.4.2                   # insmod -V
o  e2fsprogs              1.25                    # tune2fs
o  reiserfsprogs          3.x.0j                  # reiserfsck 2>&1|grep reiserfsprogs
o  pcmcia-cs              3.1.21                  # cardmgr -V
o  PPP                    2.4.0                   # pppd --version
o  isdn4k-utils           3.1pre1                 # isdnctrl 2>&1|grep version

I also have R.H. 6.2 and I did many upgrades to have 2.4 running.
It is not sufficient to have a successful compilation for a successful (and safe) system running 2.4 kernels.



-----Original Message-----
From: Erik Smit [mailto:zoiah zoiah net]
Sent: mercoledì 6 febbraio 2002 13.10
To: Jitendra Vijay S
Cc: ext3-users redhat com
Subject: Re: Regd. file system.

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 07:15, Jitendra Vijay S wrote:
> Hello,
> we have installed Redhat Linux 6.2 with kernel 2.2.14-12 later we changed to kernel version to 2.4.17.
> we have installed 'fsck' programs that is tune2fs,e2fsck.
> Accordding to your documents it should create '.journal ' file at / directory but in our case it not creating '.jornal' file.
> This '.jornal' file is required to change ext2 file system to ext3 file system.
> So please kindly helpme  to create '.jornal' file .

tune2js -j /dev/whatever_your_root_device_is

> Expecting early response.

That's the spirit! 


Erik Smit

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