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Quotas on kernel revision 2.2.19 + ext3 patches


Here is the situation, I've got a very old webmail system running on
kernel version 2.2.10 (I know, upgrade :) and it runs with quotas as the
above suggests with ext2.

I upgrade the system to kernel revision 2.2.19 + Stephen Tweedie's patches
at ext3-0.0.7a.tar.gz (off kernel.org) with the kdb and ext3 patch

Booting up the new kernel still on ext2 reveals that quotas still work.
Once I journalize both of the via "tune2fs -j {/dev/hda1,/dev/hda2}", make
the appropriate change to /etc/fstab (ext2 -> ext3) and reboot the system.

Everything goes fine (only difference is that the kernel boot up spits out
the "kernel has a 0 revision blah blah" message followed by a "FIXED".
Quotas on the system now fail to work at all after the journalling is

I am aware that 2.2.19 patches aren't being kept up to date, and am not
really looking for a solution if there isn't one readily available. But if
someone could explain what has gone wrong, ie

	a) quotas are not supported
	b) usrquota, grpquota in fstab is wrong ?
	c) I mucked something up :)

I haven't tried actually removing the journal, going back to ext2 and
seeing whether quotas would work again, but am willing too if no one has
an idea.

Other than quotas going blech on my 3 test systems, everything about it is
running great.


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