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New Book on "Linux Filesystems"

I've lurked on this list for a long time, and have learned many details
on installing and using Ext3. Thanks! I'm finally posting to solicit
feedback on my recently-published book on "Linux Filesystems". This book
discusses the use, theory, and installation/integration of journaling
and distributed filesystems on Linux, and also discusses what I call
'filesystem adapters' - things like Samba, the NCP tools, and netatalk,
which graft together existing filesystems from multiple platforms. The
book talks about the Ext3, JFS, the ReiserFS, and XFS journaling
filesystems (overview, patching the kernel, administering, using, etc.).
It also talks about OpenAFS and NFS.I also give some benchmark results
(Bonnie, Postmark, etc.) to do some empirical comparison.

This isn't purely a promotional posting - I'd sincerely appreciate
feedback and suggestions if you know anyone who is trying to use one of
these filesystems and needs a how-to book and a reference. This list is
great for people who are already in the know, but I'm hoping that a
usable book on the subject will help popularize the use of filesystems
such as these.


  Bill von hagen

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