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Re: partiton resizing question

On Feb 07, 2002  23:50 +0000, James Smaldon wrote:
> The hard disk in my server/gateway started developing bad sectors and making 
> very strange noises the other day..  anyway i got a new drive and copied over 
> the partiton containing linux (ext3) onto the new drive using norton ghost 
> which resized it from 500 odd Megabytes in size to 20 Gigabytes, the new 
> drive works great but i have a few concerns since ghost knows nothing of 
> ext3..
> since the size of the partition has changed, will i need to recreate the
> ext3 journal? If so how do i do it? 

It depends on how ghost copied it over.  You can just run e2fsck -f on it
to start with.  It will recover the journal and report the size of the fs
for you.  The journal is just a file, so it might all be OK.

> if yes to the above question then will mounting the partition as ext3 with an 
> incorrect journal do any damage? i had to do this once to change fstab.

Yes, but we try hard not to let that happen.  Best to do e2fsck -f.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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