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Re: need help from fs guru

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 07:45:37PM -0500, Mohammad A. Haque wrote:
> Hello
> I just brought my machine back up from a very nasty crash. Not sure what 
> caused it yet but whatever happeed cause the journal to be foobared. 
> fsck dropped the journal and then proceeded to check the fs. I have a 
> directory called websites which fsck unlinked. however when i look in 
> debugfs i see this..
> 622669  40755      0      0    4096 13-Jan-2002 22:39 home3
> 2133571369 --- error ---  .autofsck
> 2133571369 --- error ---  websites
> Does this mean there's a chance of recovery? If so, can anyone help? 
> It's not a great loss if it's not. I would like to recovery this is 
> possible since there are some items i'd like back that had not made it 
> to the backups before this happened.

1) What version of e2fsck were you using?  Did you save a copy of the
e2fsck log?

2) The "--- error --- " string indicates that the attempt to read the
inode (to print mode, datestamp information, etc.) failed.  Given the
nonsense inode number (213357139, which is probably bigger than the
number of inodes that you have in the filesystem), that's not a
surprise.  What is a surprise is that if you had just run e2fsck, it
should have noticed this and flagged it.  Did you answer 'y' to all of
the questions it asked?  Or did you answer 'n' to some of its
questions?  If you answered 'n' to some of its questions, then some
filesystem corruptions won't have been cleaned up.

You can run e2fsck again to see if that fixes upo thing.  So that's
probably what I would try first.  Then, as someone noted, if you can't
find some file that you're searching for, try looking in the
lost+found directory.

							- Ted

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