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Re: postfix and ext3

On Sat, Feb 09, 2002 at 05:27:12PM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:

> The way to get high performance with ext3 is to have lots of
> worker threads, each writing into different directories.
> This way you get a lot of parallelism and you should get speedups of
> ten-times or better.

That's what Postfix already does (the
/var/spool/postfix/(incoming|etc.) is hashed, so different mails
should go into differeent subdirectories there.

> But with a single process doing the work, or with all the work
> happening in the same directory there's not a lot of gain.

Postfix only has one (n)qmgr

> chattr +S is fairly broken at present - for newly-created files
> it does a sync for every 4k written.   That can easily be changed
> to a sync-per-write(), which can speed up large-file writes by
> a factor of up to ten, usually much less.

Interesting. So that was keeping our mailserver so busy! Once we
disabled chattr +S, the activity light on the drives went out.

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I've got the perfect system.  I never need to do maintenance on it, or
software upgrades, patches, or anything.  It's great.  It never wakes me up,
or gets hacked into.  It's completely perfect.  That was the first step in
my plan to build the perfect Postfix system. 
The second step is to plug it in. 

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