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Re: Conversion to ext3 failed.


On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 04:01:03PM +0100, Cs-HB wrote:

> ...
[ lots of man page stuff removed ]

Please, when posting questions here, don't quote quite so much
unnecessary stuff as the man page output you attached in your email.
It just makes it harder to see your actual question.

> I have a PI 133 machnie with SuSE 7.3.
> There are a few file systems. / and /boot were ext2 filesystems os I wanted to convert them to ext3.
> I've issued the command:
> 	tune2fs -j /dev/hda1
> It was successful.
> Then I umounted /boot
> Modified /etc/fstab according to the change.
> And tried to mount the filesystem as ext3. See below:
> 	rss:/etc # mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /boot
> 	mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hda1,
> 	       or too many mounted file systems
> 	rss:/etc #
> Could you pls help?

Sounds like you were bitten by a kernel bug in the 2.4.10 kernel which
SuSE based their 7.3 release on.  That kernel sometimes forgets to
write back data to disk --- in particular, if user space tools (such
as tune2fs) and a kernel filesystem (such as ext2) are touching the
same disk block, data gets lost.  In this case, that means that the
tune2fs used to upgrade a live, mounted filesystem to ext3 will get
undone after the reboot.

I think SuSE issued a kernel errata for this --- upgrade your kernel,
run e2fsck and try again.  Please do let us know if it still fails.


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