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Re: root ext3 gets fsck'ed after crash

On Feb 17, 2002  16:43 -0500, Joe Krahn wrote:
> When I first installed ext3, it worked as expected.
> After a crash, journals would be played, and no fsck.
> Now, every crash causes an fsck, just like it were
> a regular ext2, even though / has a journal and
> is being mounted as ext3.
> Some fs info for /
> Filesystem features:      has_journal filetype sparse_super
> Filesystem state:         not clean
> Errors behavior:          Continue

The fact that it says "not clean" indicates that it is NOT being mounted
as ext3, because ext3 never does this.  Check /proc/mounts to confirm
that it is being mounted as ext2.

> Maybe related to not having a separate /boot partition,
> and / is getting mounted before kernel journalling is ready?

Not possible.

> How do I get out of this state?
> I would like to get quick recovery working, because
> I'm debugging some problems that are locking up the
> system.

Did you compile ext3 as a module, and/or you are using an initrd?  That
is the most common cause for mounting the root as ext2.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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