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Re: root ext3 gets fsck'ed after crash

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Craig Dickson wrote:

> begin  Andreas Dilger  quotation:
> > On Feb 18, 2002  11:33 -0500, Joe Krahn wrote:
> > > Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > >
> > > > Did you compile ext3 as a module, and/or you are using an initrd?  That
> > > > is the most common cause for mounting the root as ext2.
> > >
> > > This is on a plain, redhat-compiled kernel, which has ext3 as a
> > > module. No initrd, using GRUB bootloader.
> >
> > Well, ext3 can't mount a root filesystem if it isn't available at the
> > time the root filesystem is mounted.  Either you need to load the ext3
> > module from an initrd, or compile it into the kernel.  While the on-disk
> > layout of ext2 and ext3 are basically the same, the kernel drivers are
> > separate, so it is not possible to remount an ext2-mounted filesystem
> > with the ext3 driver later on.
> Let me see if I have this straight:
> 1. Red Hat 7.2 uses ext3 as its default filesystem for new installations.
>    (Do they also offer to convert ext2 --> ext3 when upgrading?)
> 2. Red Hat 7.2's standard vendor-supplied kernel images have ext3 as a
>    module, and no initrd (or the initrd does not include ext3).
> Therefore:
> 3. Red Hat 7.2, without user customization of the kernel or initrd, will
>    _never_ mount its root partition as ext3.
> Have I got that right? It seems rather lame.

They DO provide a initrd and configure it to run at boot if you goto 
ext3 during install.

The problem was that he had manually compiled a newer kernel with the 
module compiled in (thus not requiring initrd anymore) and then 
installed another kernel rpm afterwards (need to manually create/add 
initrd). He didnt recreate the initrd for the newest kernel installed 
via rpm.


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