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Re: root ext3 gets fsck'ed after crash


On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 09:18:58AM -0800, Craig Dickson wrote:

> Let me see if I have this straight:
> 1. Red Hat 7.2 uses ext3 as its default filesystem for new installations.
>    (Do they also offer to convert ext2 --> ext3 when upgrading?)

Both ext2 and ext3 are offered for install, and conversion is possible
for upgrades.

> 2. Red Hat 7.2's standard vendor-supplied kernel images have ext3 as a
>    module, and no initrd (or the initrd does not include ext3).

The initrd is built on demand.  There's *much* more than ext3 which
may be necessary --- you may have to include soft raid modules, scsi
modules and so on in the initrd.

If you change your boot environment --- by moving the root filesystem
from ide to scsi, or by moving it onto software raid, or by changing
it to ext3 --- you need to rerun the mkinitrd to pick up the new
modules, but mkinitrd *will* work out the correct modules
automatically if you run it.


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