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Re: ext3fs: Bad super block

On 18:09 19 Feb 2002, lincoln sol dk <lincoln sol dk> wrote:
| I've got this poor ext3-partition which I can't access. I have tried a lot
| of things but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. I've got quite important
| files on that particular partition.

Have you tried getting at one of the backup superblocks with the -b
option to fsck? From "man e2fsck":

      -b superblock
              Instead of using  the  normal  superblock,  use  an
              alternative  superblock  specified  by  superblock.
              This option  is  normally  used  when  the  primary
              superblock has been corrupted.  The location of the
              backup superblock is dependent on the  filesystem's
              blocksize.   For  filesystems with 1k blocksizes, a
              backup superblock can be found at block  8193;  for
              filesystems with 2k blocksizes, at block 16384; and
              for 4k blocksizes, at block 32768.

              Additional backup superblocks can be determined  by
              using  the  mke2fs  program  using the -n option to
              print out where the superblocks were created.   The
              -b  option  to mke2fs, which specifies blocksize of
              the filesystem must be specified in order  for  the
              superblock  locations  that  are  printed out to be

              If an alternative superblock is specified  and  the
              filesystem  is  not  opened  read-only, e2fsck will
              make sure that the primary  superblock  is  updated
              appropriately  upon  completion  of  the filesystem

I know you have ext3, but ext3 is just ext2 on steroids.

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