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Assertion failure in transaction.c

Title: Assertion failure in transaction.c

I am running RedHat 7.2 basic installation on a couple intel boxes with 2 CPU at 550 and 1G of memory. Hardware from different vendors , but configuration is identical. Each box running Sendmail only and have mounted tmpfs that use 512 Meg. This file system can be mounted/unmounted dynamically.  The file activity is pretty high. For example I was forced to set file-max to 20480 and number of allocated file handlers usually hovering around 12000. The monitoring of file systems does not show usage higher then 40%. At the same time after 15 - 20 hours under load both system pretty consistently generate the following error:

Assertion failure in do_get_write_access at transaction.c:606

This message comes to the screen but not to system log. After that system can be pinged but not responding in any other way.

If anybody can point in the right direction - I really appreciate it. May be there are some patches to kernel that fix this problem.

Igor Kaufman

The Janus Group Inc.

Tel. 732 980 0505 ext 206

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