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Re: [Off-topic] Battery Backed NVRAM for journals ...

On Feb 25, 2002  10:35 +0100, Sven Rudolph wrote:
> So I want to use a small RAID-1 to hold the journal for the 600GB
> RAID-5-based FS. Should be OK?

Yes, I think Neil Brown did something like this.  Note that the support
for external journals is relatively untested, so it may contain rough
edges.  We actually want to change the behaviour of e2fsck + external
journals so that it will work properly when we add support for shared
external journals.

> I haven't found hints on sizing the external journal. How big should
> it be, and how do configuration factors (journalling mode e.g.)
> influence this?

Yes, if you have things like mail spools or NFS mounts (or other sync IO)
on this filesystem you may be better off to have data=journal and a
large journal.  For metadata-only journaling, the default size is probably
OK.  In reality, we don't really have any tools which tell us how full a
journal is, and whether the journal is being flushed because it is full
or because of the 5-second timeout.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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