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Re: Problems with ext3 fs

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 10:45:04AM +0000, John Matthews wrote:
> Now, when the system was running under ext2 mode - the fs tripped into ro
> mode once in three months. Under ext3 it seems to be daily (the erros in
> the syslog are more frequent).
It seems to me that you are probably suffering occasional corruption,
either due to a hardware problem (VIA chipset, IDE drive or controller, perhaps)
or a software bug in the IDE driver or MD layer.

Ext3 does a *lot* of sanity checks (thank you Stephen!) and seems to
trap problems much more quickly than ext2 or some of the other file
systems.  That's a *good* thing.

I didn't see you refer to what is running on the system.  Is /var getting
a lot of activity?  Depending on what you are running, some log files may
be fsync()'d after every log write, which can put more pressure on
/var than the other filesystems.  / and /usr are generally static,
/home may or may not be, depending on what you are doing.


   Bill Rugolsky

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