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Re: Problems with ext3 fs

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Bill Rugolsky Jr. wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 10:45:04AM +0000, John Matthews wrote:
> > Now, when the system was running under ext2 mode - the fs tripped into ro
> > mode once in three months. Under ext3 it seems to be daily (the erros in
> > the syslog are more frequent).
> It seems to me that you are probably suffering occasional corruption,
> either due to a hardware problem (VIA chipset, IDE drive or controller, perhaps)
> or a software bug in the IDE driver or MD layer.
> Ext3 does a *lot* of sanity checks (thank you Stephen!) and seems to
> trap problems much more quickly than ext2 or some of the other file
> systems.  That's a *good* thing.
> I didn't see you refer to what is running on the system.  Is /var getting
> a lot of activity?  Depending on what you are running, some log files may
> be fsync()'d after every log write, which can put more pressure on
> /var than the other filesystems.  / and /usr are generally static,
> /home may or may not be, depending on what you are doing.

This system is a fairly standard 'home server' system. Running web server,
news server (leafnode so small scale), smtp server and a few other bits
and bobs. The machine should be OK processor wise (Duron 800 is quite fast
for a machine of this type) but probably the IO bandwidth isn't the best,
especially with all those disks.

It definately seems to be fs load related as it seems to trip out during
the cron routines in the morning. I've particularly noticed that the
expiry of news articles seems to be a trigger (all the articles are on the
/var system). Actually, I've been away for a while and news isn't being collected and should have
expired by now....

Just out of interest, where are the kernel error messages coming from?

I'm talking about:

Feb 27 08:22:05 nijinsky kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Feb 27 08:22:05 nijinsky kernel: 09:07: rw=2, want=251691012,

What is the 09:07 referring to? Presumeably a device...

I've just check the logs and the messages always refer to either 09:07 or

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe (as I've said before) this isn't an ext3
problem but it just seems to show up more. Can somebody point/push me in
the right direction (short of buying new disks, proper RAID card etc. etc.


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