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Re: DO NOT USE Software Raid1 and Ext3


On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 11:45:08PM +0000, mb/ext3 dcs qmul ac uk wrote:
> At 13:16 -0800 tmwg-ext3 inxservices com wrote:
> >   Right now, 2.4.19-pre1-ac2. But, as said, been using it for quite a
> >while, mostly with -ac, and for a while with AM's patches. Don't
> >remember the first kernel used.
> >   This system is mirroring 2 60G IDE drives, both masters on one
>                                ^^^^^^^
> Are they the IBM "Ericson" drives? I forget where, but I've heard some
> scary reports about them. Having said that, if you get corruption on one,
> your kernel should tell you..

I think you're getting confused.  The Erikson drives (IBM 60GXP range)
are really nice drives, and I've only seen good reports about them.
The IBM 75GXP range, though, has seen a lot of trouble both under
Linux and Windows.

Note that "60GXP" has nothing at all to do with being "60G" in size:
the 60GXPs come in a variety of different capacities.


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