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Re: another quota related ext3fs crash...

On Sun, 10 Mar 2002 mb/ext3 dcs qmul ac uk wrote:

> At 03:32 +0100 Michael Renner wrote:
> >well, it's an -ac kernel, the main reason for using it is the vfsv0 quota
> >(and the somehow better vm during the major vanilla-vm wrapup from 2.4.7
> >till 2.4.15 or so)
> [snip]
> >devfs kernel + userland daemon running, local APIC (uniprocessor system)
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Bzzt. Do you *need* devfs? Personally I've found it very crashy.

not necessarily, haven't got any problems with it though. I'll deactivate
it in the next kernel...  what kind of instability did you experience with

> >cpu is a athlon 1400mhz, 3 256MB dimms (should be fine, infineon ram
> >with manufacturer warranty)
> never hurts to run memtest86 even on RAM you thought good

i'll try that too but i doubt that the ram is bad, i had uptimes around 60
days without any probles (which where only interrupted by kernel upgrades
and/or those dreaded ext3 crashes)

best regards,

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