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Re: another quota related ext3fs crash...

At 09:58 +0100 Michael Renner wrote:

>> >devfs kernel + userland daemon running, local APIC (uniprocessor system)
>>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Bzzt. Do you *need* devfs? Personally I've found it very crashy.
>not necessarily, haven't got any problems with it though. I'll deactivate
>it in the next kernel...  what kind of instability did you experience with

Random crashes, usually after not too much uptime. Nothing deterministic,
I'm afraid, except to say that rebuilding without devfs made it more

>> never hurts to run memtest86 even on RAM you thought good
>i'll try that too but i doubt that the ram is bad, i had uptimes around 60
>days without any probles (which where only interrupted by kernel upgrades
>and/or those dreaded ext3 crashes)

I had one machine which had passed memtest86, went into production for a
couple of months, ever-so-suddenly started crashing after minutes of
uptime, re-ran memtest86 and there were *thousands* of errors :-/

"You do the math,"

Matt :)

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