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Re: ext3 filesystem corruption


On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 02:03:57AM -0600, David Potterveld wrote:
> I've been experiencing intermittent filesystem corruption on a Compaq Armada
> M700 laptop w/ IBM Travelstar 30GB drives (both the 40GN and 30GN models).
> This happens mostly under RH 7.2, w/ ext3 filesystems, but I think it's also
> happened under win98. All seems fine until power-down, power-up, and boot,
> where the corruption is discovered. Searching these archives, I found that
> there are known problems with laptops and certain IBM hard drives, having to
> to with cache problems in the drive on powerdown, and that there are windows
> errata to workaround the problems. (msgs 2428, 2433, 2435 in this archive.)
> Q: Are my drives known to be bad? Is there a list somewhere?

No idea --- what's the full drive ID for the disks?  And no, I don't
know of any exhaustive list of exactly which drives have the problem.

> Q: What are the workarounds for RH and windows alluded to?

RH?  Try the current rawhide kernel --- it includes IDE patches which
force a cache flush on powerdown (some distributions have initscripts
hacks to force this already.)  Those patches are in the -ac kernels
too, and we hope to see them in mainline 2.4.20.

Windows?  I have no idea.

Cache-flush workarounds for powerdown won't save you if you let the
battery run dry, of course.


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