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reproducible ext3 corruption with sync option, 2.4.17, imagesavailable

I have been using ext3 filesystem from 2.4.17 kernel in the default
"ordered" mode on an 64 MB SanDisk compactflash. The disk itself was used on
NationalGeode embedded board.

The following entry was used in fstab (I know, may be stupid, but should not
crash the filesystem?)

/dev/hda1       /       ext2            defaults,sync   1   1

After the board is switched off, it does not boot anymore, the following
message is displayed:

init_special_inode: bogus imode (0)
EXT3-fs: invalid journal inode.

After I have removed "sync" and changed ext2 to ext3 it is working. But I have
a feeling that actual problem was "sync", not "ext2" because the disk was
anyway mounted as ext3.

I have images of a "good" disk before the corruption and the corrupted
disk. They take each 10 MB compressed with bzip2.

Is anyone interested in looking into that, or may I delete these images?

Best regards,
Tomasz Motylewski
BFAD GmbH & Co. KG

P.S. Is there absolutely no chance  getting the journal file below 1 MB? We
are using it on 16 MB flash disks as well...

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