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ext3 data

I am using kernel 2.4 and ext3 fs on all partitions.

I recently suffered a power outage while working on
some documents.  Some of them had previously been
saved other had not. In either case none of the new
data was restored.  I am also finding other strange
disapearrances like bookmarks and panel applets.

My understanding of the ext3 fs is that these
documents should have been restored regardless of
there state.  The document windows popped up but all
changes were lost.

This leads me to believe that either I am not
understanding what I am reading about ext3 and
journaled file systems in general, something is not
working or is misconfigured or there is a recovery
procedure that I am unaware of.

Other than that it is definitely faster than using

Can someone set me straight on this or tell me what to
check/test to see if it is operating correctly?

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