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Re: ext3 data

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 06:16:52AM -0800, John Little wrote:

> I recently suffered a power outage while working on
> some documents.  Some of them had previously been
> saved other had not. In either case none of the new
> data was restored. 

Define "new"

> I am also finding other strange
> disapearrances like bookmarks and panel applets.

This may not be related.
> My understanding of the ext3 fs is that these
> documents should have been restored regardless of
> there state.  The document windows popped up but all
> changes were lost.

This depends on the journalling mode. The default mode writes the data
first, and after that is commited to disk, the metadata is written.
If you didn't save your document  (or it was saved automagically), the
data is lost. 

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