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Re: drbd + ext3 + interbase + data lost

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 11:12:59AM -0300, Jo?o Alfredo wrote:

> Yesterday, one of our customer's cluster(2 box) server goes down after a
> I/O error during the backup procedure. When we turn on the cluster
> again, the 600M database file have been lost, disapear. 

What happended? Did the system perform a replay of the journal?

> After the crash we mount the disk's partition read-only just to see the
> damage. We tried debugfs but it didn't find any deleted file. The

Was the partition recovered during boottime?

> partition where the data was had only four files, two database files and
> two backup files. Now there is just 2 files, a test database and it
> backup file. The production database disapeared. 
> Kernel: 2.2.19 
> Ext3: 0.0.7a

Ext3 on 2.2.x isn't the smartest of ideas.

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