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Re: Cloning an EXT3 drive?


On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 08:23:20AM -0600, Dan Crowson wrote:
> Hello:
> I've been using EXT3 for awhile with Slackware Linux.  I setup a master 
> drive and I've been cloning it to identical hard drives using a hardware 
> cloning device.  My new batch of hard drives are a different size, so I 
> can't use the hardware cloner.
> Is there any way to move the drive to a new, larger drive short of 
> re-installing everything from scratch to make a new master?

"parted" should be able to resize an unmounted partition for you.

Incidentally, Ted, having an "e2image" option to select whether or not
to copy data would be neat for doing such raw filesystem copies.  We
could also add the ability to create a new uuid for the copied
filesystem.  That would be safer all round, _and_ faster, than relying
on hardware disk duplicators.  Hmm, maybe time to hack...


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