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Re: Cloning an EXT3 drive?

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 14:23, Dan Crowson wrote:
> Hello:
> I've been using EXT3 for awhile with Slackware Linux.  I setup a master 
> drive and I've been cloning it to identical hard drives using a hardware 
> cloning device.  My new batch of hard drives are a different size, so I 
> can't use the hardware cloner.
> Is there any way to move the drive to a new, larger drive short of 
> re-installing everything from scratch to make a new master?

You could attach the old and the new drive to a machine and dd the old
to the new - will leave some wasted space at the end.

Following this you could use gnu parted to move and resize your
partitions.  You may need to use tune2fs to remove the journal before
doing this and then put it back on again afterwards (not used parted for
a while so not sure how it handles journals now - especially now they do
not appear in the main fs).

I am not sure how the boot block would be affected by this procedure.


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