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Re: drbd + ext3 + interbase + data lost

Em Qua, 2002-03-20 às 11:25, Ralf Hildebrandt escreveu:
> Was the partition recovered during boottime?
Aparently it was not necessary.

After the incident we split the cluster. In one of the machines, an
atempt to write in the partition lead to a crash and the partition
become unusable. We have to mkfs it again... in the other machine the
partition complains about wrong block count but it is usable. 

> > partition where the data was had only four files, two database files and
> > two backup files. Now there is just 2 files, a test database and it
> > backup file. The production database disapeared. 
> > 
> > Kernel: 2.2.19 
> > Ext3: 0.0.7a
> Man, UPDATE!
> Ext3 on 2.2.x isn't the smartest of ideas.


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