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Re: drbd + ext3 + interbase + data lost


On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 05:11:14PM -0300, João Alfredo wrote:
> What kind of information do you need?? logs?
> messages in the console??

Sure, all of the above.

> The error that hapened during the backup was simply "IO Error".

But so far you haven't told us if the database gave an "IO Error"
during the backup, or the backup software (whatever that is) did, or
the kernel did.

> Then,
> the backup program aborted and the file was not there anymore.

Sounds like the backup program ate something.

> We tried
> to copy another database file that was there to another partition on the
> disk and we get another "IO Error" folowed by a kernel oops msgs.

Showing us that oops would be useful.

Until we get some of that info, all we know is that there was an "IO
Error", and that could be as simple and basic as a disk block going bad.  
Perhaps the backup program couldn't cope with that IO failure and its
error recovery killed the file.  You just haven't given us enough
information for us to do any more than to guess.  Until your reference
to a kernel oops in your last email, there wasn't even enough to guess
whether this was a kernel or an application error.


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