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Re: drbd + ext3 + interbase + data lost

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> That could be anything --- hardware or software.  Are there any kernel
> logs when this happens?

Unfortunately no. Log file just stopped at 14:34 and restarted back at
15:50 when it was hard-resetted.

> Do you still have kernel console access?

Yes. SSH 24/7 but accessing the system when it goes into the hung state
just times out. Some network connectivity does work sometimes (pings;
doing the whole SSH transactional bit right until the login/password
prompt comes up)

> Can you trap any oops messages that might occur in this state, or can
> you trigger altgr+sysrq+t or altgr+scrlck kernel debugging dumps?

I'll have them try it the next time. Hopefully something comes up - alas I
can't do it (remote from one branch - 20 miles; another is about 250+

> How much memory do you have?

1st server = 256Mb RAM
2nd server = 64Mb RAM.

> How many filesystems?

3. Root (1st partition) + data (/var - 2nd partition) + swap as the last.

Unfortunately this error didn't occur when it was ext2 - trying to
reduplicate the problem in the office has been futile overnight doing
moderate file transfer + constant MTA traffic with the exact same setup
except slightly higher h/w specs.

Thanks for your help :)
Al your mailer appears to have cut off the second paragraph, the
one which I assume started with "Because ..."

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