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Re: Cloning an EXT3 drive?


thanks for the insight. I was confusing the fs and partitions.

Thanks again,


At 12:26 PM 3/26/02 -0700, you wrote:
On Mar 26, 2002 13:15 -0600, Dan Crowson wrote:
> >This is because parted is using an old version of the ext2resize
> >library. If you use ext2resize instead of parted (after resizing the
> >partition) then it will not have this problem.
> I appreciate the reply, but I'm not following your comments above. I was
> using parted to *do* the resize at the suggestion of others. What would be
> the procedure to get this done?

Basically, the problem boils down as follows:
1) parted does partition resizing
2) parted does ext2 filesystem resizing, but uses a version of the
   ext2resize code which is old and overly restrictive in what it
   can resize
3) there is a stand-alone executable for ext2/ext3 filesystem resizing,
   called (not surprisingly) ext2resize which does not have the
   limitations that parted does.  You can download it from
   sf.net/projects/ext2resize or use an RPM which comes with your
   distro.  There is also a program resize2fs which is part of e2fsprogs
   that will do the same thing.
4) the ext2resize program only does _filesystem_ resizing and not
   partition resizing, so you need to either hand-edit your partition
   table with fdisk or similar (you can only change the END of a
   partition and still have data left) and then use ext2resize or
   resize2fs to resize the filesystem.

Using parted is handy because it combines the two operations (resizing
the partition and resizing the filesystem), and it can also be used to
do things like moving partitions around.  However, until it is fixed to
handle the problem you are having, you need to use ext2resize or
resize2fs directly.

IIRC, your case is that you want to use a larger disk, so you would only
need to use fdisk to increase the size of the last partition and then
run ext2resize on it to resize the filesystem.

Cheers, Andreas
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