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Re: software vs. hardware with ide Raid 1

-- David Rees <dbr greenhydrant com>

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 10:35:01AM -0800, Administrator wrote:
What kind of implementation software or hardware is recommended for ide
Raid 1 with ext3? Some controllers from Promise like their new FastTrak
TX2000 look nice. But won't I be tied into the kernel version that is
only supported under their drivers? Is ide software Raid stable and fast
with ext3 for a production system?

I've used both Software RAID1 and the 3ware line of RAID cards with good results. You can pick up the 6410 (4 port version) for about $100 these days.

You're nearly always better off using hardware RAID for the simple reason that a kernel glitch is that much less likely to blow off your storage.

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