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Linux 2.4.18 on RH 7.2 - odd failures

Hi there,

I'm using RH7.2 (with the 2.4.9-30 kernal and it's required components) as a base for a server system running kernel 2.4.18. I've gone to this version to get around non-performing aic7xxx drivers in the stock 7.2 kernels, and updated gigabit ethernet drivers.

I have a raid unit (Medea) attached to an Adaptec 3916, coming up as sdb. It has 2kb blocks, but the fault I'm about to talk about is evident on other block sizes and controllers as well.

I have a little script that makes a bunch of large files to give the filesystem a beating. It goes like this:

for((i=0;i != 301;i++)); do
  time -p dd if=/dev/zero of=./bigfile.$i bs=1024k count=1024
  echo $i

About 4 files in, it dies with 'dd: writing `./bigfile.4': Read-only file system'

In the messages file, I see:

Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: journal_bmap: journal block not found at offset 1607 on sd(8,17)
Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: Aborting journal on device sd(8,17).
Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: ext3_abort called.
Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: EXT3-fs abort (device sd(8,17)): ext3_journal_start: Detected aborted journal
Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: Remounting filesystem read-only
Mar 27 17:28:15 r5 kernel: EXT3-fs error (device sd(8,17)) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted

If I reformat the drive as ext2, it behaves quite fine through the whole test. I'm no longer logging any scsi errors (RH7.2 with 2.4.9-30 did plenty).

Are there any known issues of this type about? I know nothing about the internals of the filesystem and am just trying to get up and running. Are there any tests I can run to help point fingers at potential problems?

Running the same test on my system hard disk (also on an adaptec controller) runs out of space before it crashes, but I expect it's solid.

I'd appreciate the help :)



Tony Clark			    	     e: tony rsp com au
Rising Sun Pictures			 w: http://www.rsp.com.au
Adelaide / Sydney, Australia t: +61 8 8364 6074

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