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Re: Howto recovering an ext3 fs

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 09:40:58AM -0300, jcarminati pluspetrol com ar wrote:

> I'm running a RH 7.2 system with kernel 2.4.18 an a ext3 fs.
> Yesterday night this machine, which is being tested with a Proxy server
> (Squid), was accidentally power off (electrical outage). Now, when the
> system is booted, I have a ext2 'read only' fs; fsck doesn't find any kind

You are sure you had ext3 before? Did mount tell you that? Did you do a
"cat /proc/mounts" ?

> of problem (automatic or manually executed: fsck -t ext3 /dev/sdb1). The
> only fstab option set is: data=writeback.

OK. metadata journalling only.

> I'd like to know (1) why this fs can't be mounted in rw mode, 

Due to some error. Did you reboot after the fsck?

> (2) how can I do to repair/mount it in rw mode and

You could try an ext2 fsck!

> (3) why it is being mounted as ext2.

maybe it was never mounted ext3

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