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Re: Howto recovering an ext3 fs

>> I'm running a RH 7.2 system with kernel 2.4.18 an a ext3 fs.
>> Yesterday night this machine, which is being tested with a Proxy server
>> (Squid), was accidentally power off (electrical outage). Now, when the
>> system is booted, I have a ext2 'read only' fs; fsck doesn't find any

>You are sure you had ext3 before? Did mount tell you that? Did you do a
>"cat /proc/mounts" ?


After inspecting a little more, I found this message while booting in init

"Remounting root filesystem in read-write mode: mount: / not mounted
already, bad option."

So, I rebooted in RH's 'rescue mode', and modified my /etc/fstab, which
looked like this:

LABEL=/   /    ext3 data=writeback       1 1

I supposed that 'data=writeback' was causing this error, I simply change
that parameter for "defaults" and then the fs was correctly mounted in rw

Where or how should I set 'data=writeback' ? I supposed that fstab was the
right place.

Thanks again.
Jorge Carminati.

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