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Re: Is this ext3 or bad drive sectors problem?


On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 11:41:51PM -0600, Lav Aneja wrote:
> I am resending this message again as after getting various suggestions, I reinstalled RED Hat 7.2 LINUX after formatting with option "fix bad sector" as well as installing boot into 1st available sector instead of MBR and everything worked fine for 4-5 days and then again while installing qpopper, I got the error message as
> iat1 Kernel: Assertion failure in journal_bmap_R2ac88d7a() at journal.c:602: "ret!=0"
> System halted after above message. I rebooted my system but no success as system conveyed message
> "I9990301 Disk Failure or disk reset failed"

Your disk is dying.  Replace it.

> FYI: My system has crashed 5-6 times and I always ended up in re-installing Linux. Please Please Please suggest how to fix this issue...Is there any patch I have to apply...

No patch can cure such a hardware fault.


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