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Re: bad i_blocks count when FS full

commence  Theodore Tso quotation:

> On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 11:58:37PM +0200, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
>> I tried it on loop.
>> 1. mount /dev/loop0 /mnt/test -t ext3
>> 2. cp files to 100% full
>> 3. umount /mnt/test
>> 4. fsck.ext3 -f /dev/loop0
>> Inode xxxxx, i_blocks is xxx, should be yyy.  Fix?
> What version of the kernel were you using, and if you were applying a
> patch to get the ext3 filesystem, what version of ext3 were you using?

I just saw this myself, quite by accident.  I managed to fill up the
LV to which I was copying files, so I umounted it and did an e2fsck
-f, perparatory to performing an lvextend + resize2fs.  I got a bunch
of errors regarding i_blocks, but only for the files to which writes
were attempted after the FS filled up.  e2fsck fixed the errors and
the resize2fs was successful.

Kernel is 2.4.18, stock ext3 and LVM, with the rmap 12h VM.

tune2fs -l information (this is after the fsck and resize, hence the
free blocks):

  tune2fs 1.27 (8-Mar-2002)
  Filesystem volume name:   <none>
  Last mounted on:          <not available>
  Filesystem UUID:          1fbbcc09-fbc5-43e6-beac-0397b407a881
  Filesystem magic number:  0xEF53
  Filesystem revision #:    1 (dynamic)
  Filesystem features:      has_journal filetype sparse_super
  Filesystem state:         clean
  Errors behavior:          Continue
  Filesystem OS type:       Linux
  Inode count:              1441792
  Block count:              2883584
  Reserved block count:     144179
  Free blocks:              405569
  Free inodes:              1439329
  First block:              0
  Block size:               4096
  Fragment size:            4096
  Blocks per group:         32768
  Fragments per group:      32768
  Inodes per group:         16384
  Inode blocks per group:   512
  Last mount time:          Sat Mar 30 16:58:51 2002
  Last write time:          Sat Mar 30 17:12:23 2002
  Mount count:              1
  Maximum mount count:      36
  Last checked:             Sat Mar 30 16:56:30 2002
  Check interval:           15552000 (6 months)
  Next check after:         Thu Sep 26 17:56:30 2002
  Reserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)
  Reserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)
  First inode:              11
  Inode size:               128
  Journal UUID:             <none>
  Journal inode:            8
  Journal device:           0x0000
  First orphan inode:       0

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