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Re: Crypto file systems using ext3

commence  Chris Howells quotation:

> Does anybody have any links/howtos on creating an encrypted file
> system using ext3? Basically I want to encrypt /home and be asked
> the password when I mount the file system.
> I'm not really sure which kernel patches are required (I'm running
> 2.4.17) and what the best algorithm is to use (I'm not bothered
> about speed).

I'm running 2.4.18 with the cryptoapi patches.  Works great with
256-bit Blowfish.  There's a cryptoapi HOWTO out there somewhere;
Google should turn it up easily.

I'm using a simple script with gnupg so that I can use decently-sized
keys for the FSes.  Odds are that you won't be able to remember
sufficient text to get 256 bits of randomness; I know that I sure
can't!  It's slightly less convenient to use, but if someone is going
to see me typing a passphrase, I'd rather it was one I can change
easily rather than one that would require me to copy five gigs of data
around the place.

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