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Re: Offtopic: 3ware Raid Controllers

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 01:06:32PM +0100, Michael Renner wrote:
> I've read about and experienced data loss/system lockup with older 3ware
> controllers, but the 3ware Escalade 7xxx (i'm especially interested in the
> 7850) sounds too good to ignore it (8 channels, 8 drives, raid 0/1/5/10,
> drive-side ide bus, system-side scsi bus).
> Does anybody use Escalade 7xxx in production systems? How does it perform?
> If it's not any good, do you know any other IDE Raid controllers with
> similiar specs like the 3ware?

Right now we have a 7850 with 6 Maxtor 160Gb disks in a RAID1+RAID0
configuration. The RAID1 is done with the 3ware, the RAID0 in done in
software. This is faster than doing RAID10 on the 3ware. With this we get
70Mb/sec write and 115Mb/sec read speed.

The hardware we use is a P-III 1.13GHz Tual., Supermicro P3TDLE, 512MB Reg
SDRAM, 3ware 7850 (with the new 7.4 firmware, and in a 64-bit PCI slot).

The software is 2.4.18 with the newest 3w-xxxx.[ch] from 3ware. The md0
chunk size is 256kb, filesystem is ext3 (data=ordered), and the speeds are
measured with "bonnie++ -f -b -n0 -s 65536".

A while back I tried RAID5 with it. With 5 Maxtor 160Gb disks I got about
10Mb/sec write speed and 25Mb/sec read speed, which was disappointing.


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