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Re: how often to 'fsck -D' ?

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 12:51:58PM -0400, Alan R. Becker wrote:
> Hi All:
> I just loaded RH 8.0 for the 1st time.	It's kernel version is 
> 2.4.18-14.  From simply examining version numbers, I would 
> infer that this kernel does NOT include the directory indexing 
> feature.  However, I have seen other messages mentioning that 
> RedHat will (in some cases) backport code to fix a bug without 
> breaking dependancies.	Can anyone confirm one way or the other 
> whether a stock RH8.0 kernel contains directory indexing?

The stock RH 8.0 kernel does not contain directory indexing, as far as
I know.  At the time when 8.0 was in feature freeze, directory
indexing hadn't stablized yet.  

The patches only became fully stablized and usable in the last 2 weeks
or so.  I'd probably give them a little while longer before I'd
personally certify them as ready for production ready, but
Distributions have been known to inflict shakier code on customers.
So it really depends on your risk tolerance.  My advice would be to
apply the patch, and then test it a week or two on your applications
and workload before putting it into to production, especially if it's
a mission critical system.

Personally, I'm using it on my laptop, where I read all of my mail,
and haven't seen any problems...

						- Ted

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