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Re: How come fsck still kicks in and reports major errors with Ext3?


On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 09:06:02AM -0500, Darrell Michaud <dmichaud wsi com> wrote:

> It's been my experience with Redhat 8.0 that it is configured by default
> to run fsck on "/" for every unclean shutdown. Look for the presence of
> "/.autofsck". Damn annoying.

That's right --- after an unclean shutdown, fsck will run, but it will
only perform a journal replay.  fsck on ext3 does *NOT* scan the full
filesystem unless the forced fsck interval has elapsed or the
filesystem has been marked as containing an error that needs fixing.

A journal replay is always required after an unclean shutdown ---
that's the whole point of the journal.  It doesn't matter if the fsck
does the replay at startup time, or the kernel does it later on at
mount time, you still won't get a full fsck unless there is something
else forcing it.


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