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Re: HDD duplication in RH7.3

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 10:11:24AM +0100, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 12:27:35AM +0800, karhong ng wrote:
> > I have an internal HDD running under RH7.3. I would like to purchse a second HDD(usb external) of same geometry, and use it as a bootable snapshot of the first internal HDD.
> > 
> > I wish to make a whole disk bootable backup regularly via this method.
> > Is this feasible ?
> If the disk is still mounted, then there are basically no guarantees
> if you try this.  You won't get a coherent snapshot of the disk.

  Hum, can we hazard in enhancement requests land ? Multics in the 70's
had that feature allowing to snapshot and backup coherent versions of
a filesystem while live. The evolution from ext2 to ext3 seems to make
this feature easier to implement since, if I understand correctly, when
a file is overwritten, the initial blocks of the file could be preserved.
Am I wrong ? Sounds to me that this feature would get ext3 closer to
what high availability systems really need.

> "Rsync" often works better --- it does a logical copy through the
> filesystem so it's entirely safe wrt. the VFS, and it is superb at
> doing incremental copies.

  I second that, I'm a really happy user of rsync and for localdisk to
localdisk, it's blazingly fast ! In most cases it's sufficient, except for
example if you don't have a /boot partition, you can garantee that the
information needed by the booloader will still be present at the beginning
of the disk (but for USB boot it probably doesn't matter.)


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