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Re: Recover Partition


On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 12:03:26PM +0200, Jerome Commenge wrote:
> When i upgrade from ext2 partition to ext3 partition during a
> re-installation of redhat 7.3, i formated my ext2 partition and i want
> to recover data that could be lost by formatting the partition during
> the re-installation ( i chosen Format partitions to erase the data on
> these partitions)
> How can i do to recover data that was lost during re-installation ?

Short answer --- you can't.  Formatting will have completely erased
all information about where the various files are on disk.

If you really really need to find some data from the reformatted disk,
then the chances are that the data blocks are still present on disk,
but the inode data (which tells you who owns what file and where the
data is on disk) is completely gone.  The only way to recover anything
will be to get a binary disk block editor and to search the disk
manually for the bits of data you want to retrieve.


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