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Re: Problem with file-deletion

commence  Javier Gostling quotation:

> On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 10:38:20AM +0200, paul_pot nl sonymusic com wrote:
>> Don't know what happened, but after subsequent reboots to get the
>> serial console on-line, making sure the output was sent to the
>> serial device and logged properly, the file was deleted without any
>> issue.
> If I had to bet, I would place my money on an open file issue. You
> tried to delete the file, but were unable to because it was being
> held open by another process.

Linux (and Unix) doesn't work that way.  Deleting (i.e. removing the
last link to a file whose link count is 1) open files has always been
a safe (and commonly-used) operation with a defined result: the link
count drops to zero and the file's blocks and inodes are de-allocated
when the last file-descriptor for that file is closed.  Many programs
use this feature to allocate temporary files that will be removed upon

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