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Re: Recover Partition

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

I've actually managed to recover over 250++ emails from a hdd which got
completely zonked -- the machine was an email server not under any
particular moderate load even. The same HDD had been in use for over 2
years and had under gone 2 separate reformats (both ext2). [1]

When I did the whole "strings /dev/hda2" and went through separate 1
million line parsed output I even got to see full jpeg emails from July
2000 intact -- a good 2 years back of consistent data. "strings" coughed
up 5Gb of data out of an 8Gb hdd which was barely reaching 8% utilization

[1] 250++ emails out of 7.5 million lines afterwhich I stopped.

I don't recommend it to anyone which wants to preserve sanity :-)


> Short answer --- you can't.  Formatting will have completely erased
> all information about where the various files are on disk.
> If you really really need to find some data from the reformatted disk,
> then the chances are that the data blocks are still present on disk,
> but the inode data (which tells you who owns what file and where the
> data is on disk) is completely gone.  The only way to recover anything
> will be to get a binary disk block editor and to search the disk
> manually for the bits of data you want to retrieve.

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