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Re: What happens with the indexed directory patch ?

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On Friday 06 September 2002 12:45, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 05:59:09PM +0200, Carles Xavier Munyoz Bald? wrote:
> > Please, help me. I believe that the htree indexed directory is a very
> > very great improvement for the ext2/ext3 file system that must become a
> > standard as soon  as possible.
> I'm not sure why you're not seeing the improvement based on the Daniel
> Phillip's ext2 patch (it worked for me) but let me give you an updated
> set of patches and a test script for ext3.

Please, sorry me.
The script I was using to test the performance difference between indexed and 
non indexed ext3 directories is not good.
I have discovered it making a reiserfs filesystem and running the script on 
it. The results are the same for non htree ext2 and reiserfs. I believe that 
the problem is the time needed for exec the commands that are run into the 
script main loop.

I have just used the C program that Daniel Phillips used in ist benchmarks:
and now I can see the great performance gain with the indexed directory (I 
have just tested only the reiserfs, but I'm sure that the results are very 
great in the ext3 htree too).

I'll test the new patch you have send to me.

> So rest assured, we *are* working on the htree indexed directory code.
> I fully intend for this to get integrated into the 2.5 tree, even if
> we don't have the NFS readdir fixes done at first.


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