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Re: ext3 sync problem

On Sep 17, 2002  11:04 -0700, Hua Zhong wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. Two questions:
> 1. Could you give me a pointer to the patch that flushes ext3 journal
> explicitly? I'd like an enhanced "sync" behavior that flushes everything to
> the disk.

This is done implicitly when lilo calls the FIBMAP ioctl.

> 2. Is there a way to sync metadata as well as data?

It depends on what you mean, precisely.  The metadata is "synced" to the
journal.  The problem is really that GRUB is ignoring the fact that the
journal exists.  If the kernel were to mount the filesystem, or e2fsck
run on it, then the metadata in the journal would be flushed to disk.

> If this problem cannot be solved, I may have to go back to ext2. Yes it
> takes more time to do fsck but or a 512M flash with 4 partitions it takes 11
> seconds which is not that bad - and ext2 is in general more stable and
> faster....
> I'm also wondering how many people are using ext3 on flash. Is there any
> better alternatives (like FAT maybe?)

You are probably far better off to use JFFS2 or similar - it is a
journaled filesystem explicitly designed for flash devices, so it does
wear leveling and such (otherwise the journal + superblock will quickly
wear out part of the flash).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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