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Re: emergency .. system crash recovery!


On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 06:44:27PM -0400, Daniele De Francesco wrote:
> Have you had any luck with recoverin ghte ext3 partition? 
> I have the same problem and I have found no literature on the web whatsoever...
> Please if you have found a solution, let the world know...

Could you include a bit of context when you post like this to a public
mailing list, please?  I can't remember all the email I get in a
single day, never mind the week or two since the post you're replying
to, so it's customary to quote a bit of the original mail so we can
all remember *what* problem you're having the same problem as.

However, <scratching head> I think I remember a "rm -rf /" recovery
problem coming up a couple of weeks ago, so maybe that's the problem
you've got.  And no, there was no quick answer.  There were a couple
of _really_ painfully slow manual ways of recovering bits of data
described, in case there are valuable files that you simply must
retrieve, but that's all.

[Cue public service broadcast about the need for regular backups!]


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