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Re: What will happen when disk(ext3) is full while i continue to operate files


On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 02:19:12AM -0700, Seaman Hu wrote:
>    Thanks for your response. :)
>    I am sure the kernel version is right. 

Well, you said it was a Red Hat 7.3 system, and there's no such thing
as a 2.4.18-17 kernel from Red Hat to the best of my knowledge (and
I'm just looking at the internal build trees right now!)  And the
error you describe should certainly be fixed in the current 7.3 errata
kernel, which is 2.4.18-10.  Could you double-check again?  Or is this
possibly a non-Red Hat kernel?

> And as my
> later mail said, my system is ok when the msg "EXT3-fs
> error (device sd(8,2)) in ext3_new_inode: error 28"
> shows first time. However, it will crash soon after
> millions of the same msg. I am sorry I could not give
> the oops now and i will supply it asap.



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