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Re: ext3 fs: no userspace writes == no disk writes ?


On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 01:53:51AM +0200, Rob van Nieuwkerk wrote:
> But I'm a bit worried about the kernel/ext3 doing regular writes
> by itself even when there are no userspace writes.  (worries are
> partially caused by memories from long time ago about idle laptop
> doing regular writes on disk).
> Anybody out there who knows how this works ?
> Can I use an ext3 fs without having regular "automatic" writes to
> the device it is located on ?  (and thus not destroy my CompactFlash
> devices !)

There should never be automatic writes (if you see any, tell me, it's
a bug!)  But there are frequently writes that come from unexpected
sources that can trip you up.  A common example is "atime" timestamp
updates, which cause a write even when you just read from a file.
Mounting the filesystem with the noatime option can avoid that.


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